School Clubs

We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as public speaking, debate and dramatics, creative writing, eco-club, quizzing, astronomy, dance, photography, philately, trekking, film appreciation and even cookery.

It is mandatory for each student at Sarala Birla Academy to be a part of at least one of the clubs.

Clubs at a glance:

Film appreciation club

What happens in and around in the society is just a manifestation of what happens inside the world of individual human beings. We all have our moments of joy and sorrow and we wish to share those with our near and dear ones and we always try to search for other people who share the similar kind of emotional upheaval that we go through at times.

Films provide a very powerful medium where we can see a reflection of our own selves, our own happiness and predicament. SBA has such a platform in the form of Film Appreciation Club mainly for senior students. Every Saturday the group members meet and become part of a movie that is screened. They don’t just watch movies but do critical analysis of different aspects of the movie. Usually English and Hindi movies are screened but at times some regional movies also find slots in the club activity. The core value that the club follows is "Enlightenment over entertainment".

Photography club

Photography club


A picture speaks a thousand words. Students in the photography club learn the art and technique of photographing with a single-lens reflex camera. The objective here is to teach them the nuances of focus, shutter speed, aperture, etc. Students are also given darkroom basics to supplement their knowledge.

Cookery club

Cookery club

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.' The cookery club at SBA aims to provide a platform where students can further their culinary knowledge. They learn about the cultural and regional aspects of a country that influences the type of food served and how the food is cooked. An integrated syllabus was formulated for the members of the club and the guidelines as well as the procedures were followed conscientiously by them.

Students were taught the basic rules for kitchen safety and were introduced to various kitchen tools. They discussed the health benefits of different food items and ways of cooking. Students were acquainted with different cooking techniques they were also encouraged to try out their own molecular meals when they go home. They were further exposed to a variety of simple recipes ranging from dahi vada and sandwiches to salad dressing.

The students took keen and eager interest in knowing the essentials of cooking. The success of the club can be substantiated from the fact that the students understood the significance and worth of homemakers and all the hard work that goes into the preparation of their favourite dishes. The club provided a great opportunity for everyone to learn how to prepare and enjoy recipes in a fun and inviting kitchen atmosphere.

Quiz club

The quiz club at SBA helps the young minds in learning the nuances of quizzing. They meet every week to prepare questions for internal quiz competitions and collect information on various topics — sports, current affairs, history, science etc. Students are also encouraged to develop their reading habits. Every morning in the assembly, news headlines, and interesting facts and figures are prepared by the club members and read out by the students.

Chess Club

Chess Club

Chess is a game of mind and talent and it’s truly a sport for all. Playing chess is a great way to enhance your mental capabilities. Chess club is one of the most active clubs of the S.U.P.W clubs at Sarala Birla Academy where every Friday afternoon and on Saturdays, the student members of the Chess Club along with the teachers-in-charge have informal chess training sessions.

Students are equipped with basic skills and strategies for playing at an international level. Students who have achieved the required standards are encouraged to participate in chess competitions at inter-school and community level. Basic rules and regulations of the game are taught to those students who have had no previous experience of chess.

Through playing chess, students are able to cultivate a hobby which stimulates the mind towards proactive and rational thinking, encourages decision making skills given the challenging environment, and also inspires self-discipline since it's time-bound in nature. The Chess club at SBA comprises of approximately 30 students from grade V to XII and one professional coach. Out of the 30 students, half of them are beginners, learning the basic tactics and techniques of the game.

Social service club

Just like any other year in the past, there was a huge response from the students to join the Social Service club for the academic year 2016-17. The students were involved in various activities such as Campus cleaning, gathering stationery items for students of Government school, preparation for the social service day, making of paper bags, etc.

Throughout the year, the social service club performed various activities to help the environment, as well as other people in general. The activities included:

  • Paper Bag making — the students learnt to make paper bags using old newspapers. The students made more than 150 bags which were distributed to the small merchants in the Bannerghatta circle.
  • Distribution of stationery items to the government school — the club members took some students to the Government school in Kalkere to distribute notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, and rulers.
  • Spoken English classes — senior students of the Social Service club visited Mantapa school to train the students in spoken English.

Robotics and aero-modelling club

Robotics and aero-modelling club

The Robotics and Aero-modelling club was started during the academic session 2013-14, with the idea of creating a spark in young minds who were interested in carving a career in the area of aviation and artificial intelligence.

During the current academic year, 28 students from class five to eight enrolled in this club, at the beginner’s level. The club activity is executed under the observation and guidance from experienced trainers from 'Hobby Master'. At the beginner’s level, students were trained to construct wooden planes. They were also taught the technical terms used in aviation, and the functions of different parts of the planes that were constructed by the students. The students were also trained to construct various detectors using basic electronic components. Hobby Fest is an annual event conducted by the Hobby Master and the students from SBA actively take part in the various competitions organised in this fest.

Literary club

This is a small club of nine students. At the beginning of the session, the students were asked to submit a 'Wish List' naming the books they desired to read during the session. The teachers also suggested names of books and authors that the students could consider reading. After the reading of a book each boy was asked to present an oral review of the same. They also spoke about their favourite characters, important events and incidents in the book. Apart from this, they had to speak out about whether they recommended the reading of the book or not and why. The club also held group discussions about the books that had been read. In this manner, each child not only read several different books, but also learnt to appreciate different genres of writing. The boys enjoyed being a part of the club and exploring the joys of reading.

MUN club

Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students typically role play delegates of the United Nations and simulate UN committees. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organised by the MUN club. These activities build the participants’ self-confidence to open up and speak without hesitation. Students participate at inter-school conferences and get an opportunity to meet other students participating in the conference coming from around the country and world.

The MUN club in SBA sees the new 'munners' being introduced to the procedures of MUN by the experienced 'munners'. The club had a massive participation of 53 boys. To start with, there were few mock sessions to show them what the feel of MUN is. The students, then, researched various agendas and had many mocks sessions throughout the year. The school, then, had the inter-house MUN which witnessed some budding munners debating hard. It was an opportunity for the students to showcase their skills, and get ready for numerous inter school MUN awaiting throughout the year. The school participated in WFUNAMUN (Agra), CISMUN (Bangalore), LMCMUN (Kolkata), CMUN (Mumbai). The school also participated in the TRINSMUN (Trivandrum) where it bagged the 'Best Delegation'. In the Canadian International MUN, the school bagged the award of the '2nd Best Delegation '. The MUN club in SBA strives to raise awareness of the role the United Nations plays in world affairs by involving youth in all aspects of the planning process thereby inspiring the next generation of leaders to become more involved in global problems and try to provide some solutions at their level.