Inter-house debate

Witty points, fervent rebuttals, diverse perspectives and lively participation were the trademarks of this year's inter-house debates. Held on the 25th of June, 2016 it was a gathering of intellectuals who had proved their oratory skills and were now ready to display it on stage to emerge as the most succinct and articulate.

The topic for this year's debate was 'Knowledge and wisdom do not necessarily go hand in hand". The debaters were given one hour of preparation time, where they used the library to gather the required information. After an hour of intense debate with every house and every participant giving it their all, Vivasvan House was declared the winner of the Inter-house Debate, 2016. Master Pival Peddireddi of Bhaskar House won the best speaker award with Master Prem Nagaraj of Vivasvan House following closely behind, in second place.