Inter-house quiz

Inter house quiz

SBA believes that the children should acquire knowledge in all fields of life – for example, science, sports, mythology, literature, etc. And to enhance their knowledge, SBA organises the inter-house quiz every year. All the four houses take part in this competition. Each team comprises of at least one member from Grade 9 - Grade 12.

Inter-house seniors quiz

This year's inter-house seniors' quiz competition was scheduled on 30th of July, 2016. The quiz master for this year's quiz was the school’s Principal, Santanu Das. The quiz was divided into six rounds. The 1st, 2nd, and the 4th rounds were normal whereas the 3rd and 5th were the buzzer rounds and the last round was a rapid-fire round. The quiz master introduced two new additions — the first one was that if the participants were sure of their answer they could simply say 'DOUBLE' before the answer, which would give them additional points; but if the answer was wrong then the team would lose 10 points. The second addition was the inclusion of a round dedicated to books and authors.

The quiz gradually progressed and everyone was excited. Vivasvan House had taken a big lead by the 3rd round with the use of the 'Double' option. They were looking as the sure-shot winners of the quiz, but then the other houses closed the gap. Vivasvan House finally managed to hold on to their lead and in the end, were judged as the winners.

Inter-house junior quiz

The inter-house junior quiz was divided into various rounds such as audio-visual, buzzer and rapid fire. The teams comprised four students each from grades five, six, seven, and eight respectively. Unfortunately, the connect-four round was discontinued this year, but unlike the previous year, the audience was far more enthusiastic and many more chocolates were handed out. The result was as follows: Aditya House in first place, followed by Bhaskar House, Martand House and Vivasvan House respectively.