Principal's Message

Welcome to the Sarala Birla Academy website!

We hope to present here glimpses of what we stand for — a home for children from across the country and beyond. While academics is the numero uno focus area for us, the other aspects of education hold no less importance. This stems from the belief that just a 90 plus aggregate on the report card isn’t going to guarantee success for our children when they grow up into young men and pass out from the portals of this institution. How they conduct themselves, articulate their vision, handle adverse circumstances, the humility with which they lead and, probably more than anything else, how they think, will be of at least as much importance as their academic result as they face the challenges outside.

Inherent in all that we plan for and do here at SBA, lies the thought of what we’ve pledged: to mould the children under our care into the kind of leaders that this country and the world needs — leaders who will not measure success merely by the hierarchical steps they climb on the social and the corporate ladder, but by the value addition they bring about in their peers and the organisations that they will be a part of. Leaders who, while taking everybody along, will have it in them to make sacrifices for the cause of the bigger picture. Leaders who willl, at least to some extent, measure success by the amount of sunshine they bring into the lives of those who mayn’t have been as lucky as they have been.

What we’ve shared above isn’t going to be easy to achieve. The first step towards that would be to have a set of teachers (read parents) who are special in that they realise what the task ahead entails and have the quality and the ability to provide the kind of upbringing that’s called for, along with leading the children into the kind of learning that’ll place them at the very forefront of academic excellence. We’ve been lucky that, over the years, we have come to a stage where we do have that quality of staff. They’ve come from all over the country and are constantly trained in the latest pedagogical practices as also in the art of bringing up children.

We’ve come to realise that parents at home and parents here at school must forge a partnership in the education of the children under our care. Together we must create a generation of world citizens who will be well prepared to handle the ever-increasing challenges of sustaining what we call our world; together we must bring up our children so that they are ready to take charge of this Earth when it's time for our generation to walk away into the sunset, secure in the knowledge that this beautiful blue planet of ours is in the ablest and the securest of hands, hands that we together have helped create.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing all that I’ve shared above.

Santanu Das, Principal