The curricula (ICSE, IGCSE, ISC & IB) offered at SBA will motivate each student to reach his full potential and equip him to improve himself as an individual and attain a strong sense of self-esteem. E-learning will soon be an integral part of the curriculum, further augmenting the classroom-based learning and giving students an access to information and communication technology.

SBA has a well-equipped library along with computer and science labs where students can do their research and conduct experiments regarding their field of study. In addition, SBA also has various clubs like math club, public speaking club, etc. where they can associate with like-minded students and exchange views and opinions on a wide range of interesting and innovative topics.

Creating a love for learning

Knowledge is power! Apart from the academic programmes and syllabi, the Sarala Birla Academy aims to ignite the young minds and instill in them a love for learning, following which there is no looking back as the students gear up to seek more knowledge.

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