School Life

School life at SBA is characterised by diverse activities including sports, creative and performing arts, and events. SBA gives students ample opportunity to tap into and hone their skills. School life for the students at SBA is full of fun, enjoyment, and learning.

Students take part in various inter-house and inter-class competitions fostering a climate of healthy competition. SBA boasts of large playing fields for playing outdoor sports like cricket, football, tennis etc. along with indoor facilities like squash courts, gym, and a swimming pool. Regular workshops are held by leading experts in their fields to acquaint students with the nuances of various skills.

Tapping the hidden potential

Education, extra-curricular activities, games, events, and much more... the Sarala Birla Academy provides a much needed platform for the overall development of the personality of the students, helping them to grow, excel and succeed in all levels of life

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