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“Indian in Soul, Global in Vision”

Sarala Birla Academy prioritizes holistic development, providing an encompassing learning environment that nurtures critical thinking, innovation and character development. Our focus extends beyond academics, ensuring students are well-prepared to excel in a dynamic global landscape.

Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Our vision is to ignite minds and to create in the students a love of learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience and by doing so, help develop a higher sense of self-esteem in the student and endeavour to equip the student with life skills that will place him first among his equals, when he steps out into the real world.

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SBA as an academic and residential community

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At SarAla Birla Academy

Our leadership team comprises dedicated individuals driven by a shared vision of holistic education. With diverse expertise and unwavering commitment, they lead by example, fostering an environment where students thrive academically and personally. Their collective efforts aim to empower young minds, instilling a love for learning while imparting essential life skills.

SarAla Birla Academy

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Sarala Birla Academy flourishes with its vibrant community, embracing daily learning from diverse perspectives. Explore our unique community showcasing the school through their lenses.

The Creative Mind

Vivek, Grade X

The Chess Wizard

Anirudh, Grade IX

The Science Geek

Advik, Grade XII

Math Aficionados

Aayansh, Grade XI

The Innovator

Ivaan, Grade IX

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