School Clubs

We offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular activities such as public speaking, debate and dramatics, creative writing, eco-club, quizzing, astronomy, dance, photography, philately, trekking, film appreciation and even cookery.

It is mandatory for each student at Sarala Birla Academy to be a part of at least one of the clubs.

Clubs at a glance:

Film Appreciation Club

The youth of today are completely under the spell of the celluloid world; so much so that their REAL lives appear to be more and more like the REEL lives depicted in films. Today’s film makers, being quite aware of what excites and interests the youth, try to fashion their creations on those lines; as a result the market is catering to the masses whose tastes lie in inane or light- hearted themes; people of all ages only watch a movie if it promises to take them away from their stressful lives into an imaginary world, albeit for a short span of three hours.

Given the tremendous influence of the celluloid world on the minds of our youth, we at Sarala Birla Academy, conduct the Film Appreciation Club to engage the minds of our students in discerning the quality of a film; to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’, and to enable them to know what kinds of films send out really powerful life- changing messages.

The members watch a movie ‘frame by frame’ and perceive the nuances in it. They are also introduced to different genres of films like Classics, Award Winners, Works of Great Directors, Thrillers or Regional; the screening of a film is followed by a discussion of the film.  Documentaries and short films are also given due importance in the agenda.Guest speakers are called from the student community to put forth their views and expert comments.

General discussions are held on either a particular film they have watched or on information and History of films. 

In doing so, students at SBA have an opportunity to explore their potential talent, if any, in this field, or satisfy their curiosity about the world of films and film making; or simply experience the joy of watching a good film and appreciating its value. 

Indeed, the quality of a film lies in how well it can create an imaginary world around us, which at the same time feels vibrantly real and close to our heart. We believe our student members do cultivate an understanding of such films.

Photography and Multimedia Club Report

Capturing Moments, Sharing Stories: The Lens Through Which Our School Sees Itself

Imagine vibrant melodies of a choir filling the auditorium, captured in a single photograph that conveys the emotion soaring through the air. Picture the grace of a dancer’s leap frozen in time, a testament to athleticism and artistry. It’s this ability to breathe life into fleeting moments, to tell stories through the light and shadows that dance on camera, that defines our school’s Photography Club.

Our eleven-member team, hailing from grades 9 and 12, is a whirlwind of enthusiasm. Armed with cameras and unwavering dedication, they are the visual chroniclers of every event that unfolds within our school walls. Be it the infectious energy of a cultural competition, the electrifying atmosphere of a sports meet, or the grandeur of our annual day, their lenses never miss a beat.

Their work transcends mere documentation. They capture the spirit of each event, the joy on a winner’s face, the glint of tears in a performer’s eyes, the silent camaraderie between teammates. Their still photographs and videographies are testaments to the vibrant tapestry of school life, a legacy for future generations to cherish.

But their journey doesn’t end with a click. Back in the edit lab, meticulous hours are spent refining each snippet, coaxing out the true essence of the captured moment. The final products, gleaming on our school’s YouTube channel, are a testament to their dedication and skill.

The significance of this club extends far beyond showcasing school events. For our members, it’s a window to creativity, a platform to hone their artistic vision. They learn the language of light and shadow, the art of composition, the power of storytelling through a single frame. Photography becomes an outlet for their individuality, a tool to express their unique perspectives on the world around them.

Beyond technical skills, the club nurtures invaluable life skills. Team spirit blossoms as they collaborate, deadlines become lessons in time management, and critical thinking thrives as they analyze each shot. Photography isn’t just a hobby; it’s a gateway to self-discovery, a path to confidence and resilience.

Our Photography Club is more than just a group of enthusiastic shutterbugs. They are the weavers of memories, the custodians of emotions, the storytellers who paint our school life with light. They are proof that within the corridors of academia, even the most fleeting moments can be captured, transformed, and shared, leaving behind a legacy that resonates long after the curtains fall.

Art club

At SBA, the Art Club, comprising of 22 students, is not just a space for creative expression; it’s a vibrant hub where students dive into the world of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, enriching their aesthetic abilities. This club goes beyond the ordinary, providing a platform for students to explore various artistic mediums and share their unique designs.

Encouraging students of  both senior and junior grades, the Art Club actively promotes participation in various Inter school art competitions. This not only helps in showcasing the students’ talents but also instils a sense of accomplishment. The club’s engagement extends to visits to local art colleges and galleries, fostering connections within the arts community and emphasizing the value of creative work.

The Art Club is a haven for students to delve into their creativity, a luxury not everyone gets to experience. It serves as a reminder that art is not just a subject; it’s a journey of self-discovery and expression.

Recently, a select group of Art Club members from Grades V to VII, showcased their skills at the prestigious Times NIE Colour Splash held at Delhi Public School, North Campus, Bangalore on January 23, 2023. This event was not just a competition; it was a testament to the dedication and passion nurtured within the walls of SBA’s Art Club.

The recently held Annual Day Art Exhibition, showcased a diverse array of artistic expressions by the talented students. The event, which has become a tradition at SBA, not only provides a platform for students to exhibit their creativity but also serves as a testament to the vibrant artistic community within the school.

The SBA Art Club exists as a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating the profound impact of art on our lives. Beyond mere entertainment, art serves as a powerful catalyst for personal, emotional, and social development. Whether we find joy in creating or appreciating, the arts are integral to shaping our perspectives, fostering creativity, enhancing our overall well-being and holistic growth.

Cookery club

Cooking is an art form that elevates the process of making food to a kind of creative expression by emphasizing the significance of creativity, intuition, and personal expression in the kitchen. Our club includes thirty students and four staff members to help and guide the students. From mastering various types of chopping techniques to refining their cooking abilities, participants delve into the art of gastronomy. Cooking stimulates not just the taste buds but also, the senses of sight, smell, and touch. The ability to convert raw ingredients into a culinary masterpiece necessitates imagination, competence, and a thorough knowledge of taste.

At SBA the students  explore the opportunity of preparing and consuming nutritious meals during SUPW classes and  watch a few you tube videos of a few renowned chef’s preparations. They also learn the art of chopping vegetables in an articulate manner, mixing the ingredients in the right proportion and preparing some delicious dishes in a short period of time. Added to this they learn garnishing the prepared dish in the best possible manner, serving on a plate,  presentation and cleaning the table and utensils after the activity. Hygiene and discipline play a pivotal role in the learning process.

The students were  treated to a unique presentation by the team from APCA, a prestigious network of Professional Culinary and Pastry Schools with Pan-Asian recognition. The APCA team led an inspiring session on the meticulous preparation of  marble cake. Students involved themselves in planning and executing the various steps involved in making a marble cake. 

In all our classes children understood the nutritional value of the ingredients used and the importance of consuming fresh vegetables in their daily diet. They also understood the proportion of adding different  ingredients like, salt, pepper, coriander leaves, sugar, cheese, masala powders, mayonnaise, sauces etc. 

The dishes prepared under the able guidance of teachers were: Sandwich, Vadapav, Onion rings and fritters. With these activities teachers observed certain abilities among the students like planning, coordinating, sharing, time management, joy of preparing the dishes, asking others opinion regarding the taste, and a mindset to accept suggestions to improvise the dish. Altogether it was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to LEARN BY DOING.

Quiz club

“In a quizzing, every question is an opportunity to learn something new.”

The Quiz Club within the academy serves as a vital platform for students to enrich their knowledge, critical thinking, and teamwork skills through various activities and competitions. The emphasis on a diverse range of topics, including academics, general knowledge, analytical abilities, and quantitative reasoning, reflects a comprehensive approach to education.

Quiz club presently has a strength of 26 students who are guided by a group of 5 teachers.

We encourage and conduct periodic quizzes on specific topics among club members. Students are divided into groups across different grades each group hosts a quiz weekly, giving students firsthand experience in organizing, hosting, and scoring quizzes. Questions designed to encourage critical thinking and in-depth study, fostering creative learning. These activities help enhance knowledge beyond the curriculum, nurturing critical thinking , analytical skills and bridges the gap between academic learning and practical application thereby preparing students for real-world challenges.

The club provides students with opportunities to participate in inter-house and inter-school quizzes, showcasing their knowledge and winning accolades. The club members successfully organized the Inter House event General Quiz – Master Mind 2023.

Club members participated and won accolades in many prestigious inter-school quizzes like KISA Utsav – 2022, KISA Talent Search Examination, Compudon India, and NDA WizQuiz.

Overall, the Quiz Club stands as a valuable and dynamic platform, not only enriching students’ knowledge but also shaping them into well-rounded individuals capable of excelling in various fields. The emphasis on values such as knowledge, wisdom, and compassion further contributes to the holistic development of the participating students.

“The true measure of intelligence is not how much you know but how well you can apply that knowledge.”

Chess club

Chess is a mental game which helps the participants to improve their concentration, memory, decision making and problem solving skills. Chess club is a much sought after club in SBA. This year, there were 34 students and 4 teachers in the Chess Club. Mr. Balakrishna Prabhu, a dedicated chess coach from Champions Chess Academy trained the members on Saturday during the SUPW classes. During the Club activity, first half is used to discuss various techniques that need to be applied while playing the game. The second half is used to practice these techniques by encouraging the students to play among themselves.

This year, nineteen of our students participated in a Rapid Chess Tournament organized by the Champions Chess Academy, Bangalore and all our students played very well. Master Jitesh Gupta of grade XI Science scored 5.5 points out of 7 and won the Third Best Player Award among 50 participants. Our school was judged as the Best School among the schools participated. Some of our students are FIDE rated players.

All the students enjoy the club activities. It was observed that many students are now showing interest in joining the Chess Club.

Dramatics Club


The stage lights dimmed, unveiling a whimsical world of beloved fairy tales. It was the annual Inter-House One-Act Play Competition, where the houses of Aditya, Bhaskar, Martand, and Vivasvan competed by reinterpreting classic fairy tales.

Aditya House took the audience on a whimsical journey with their rendition of ‘Cinderella.’ Their portrayal was not a mere replication of the classic story; instead, they introduced a compelling twist, presenting an unconventional narrative that left the audience spellbound.

Bhaskar House delved into the heartrending narrative of ‘The Little Match Girl.’ While based on the poignant original tale, their rendition unfolded in a manner that subverted expectations, evoking a myriad of emotions among the audience. 

Martand House immersed the audience in the enchanting depths of ‘The Little Mermaid. However, their rendition wasn’t just a repetition of the familiar storyline; it offered a unique perspective, infusing the narrative with unforeseen elements that captured everyone’s attention.  

Vivasvan House transported the spectators into the captivating world of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Their portrayal, rooted in the essence of the classic fairy tale, ingeniously introduced a twist that added depth and complexity to the well-known storyline.

Each house brought a unique theatrical flair to its performance. Aditya’s magnificent backgrounds and dazzling sets transformed the stage into a canvas for storytelling. Bhaskar took a minimalist approach that emphasized raw emotion. Martand’s innovative use of lights and shadows created an ethereal atmosphere. Meanwhile, Vivasvan’s contemporary music and dance sequences added a modern twist to the classic tale. The acting in the competition was truly remarkable. Each student portrayed their character with conviction, bringing humor, pathos, and depth to the stage. The dialogues were intricate, the monologues heartfelt, and the stage presence powerful, captivating the audience. 

The competition not only showcased the individual performances but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and dedication of the students. Days of rehearsals, scriptwriting, set design, and costume creation culminated in this magical event. The competition celebrated the power of storytelling and theatre. It was a night of artistic expression, camaraderie, and joy. The experience left a lasting impression, inspiring the audience and participants to explore imagination and creativity further. In the end, while one house emerged as the victor, the true essence of the competition was found in the celebration of artistic ingenuity and the power of storytelling. Martand House secured the One Act Play trophy, with Aditya securing second place.

Social Service Club

We Care: The young brigade to practice Empathy and Compassion

“We Care”, the Social Service Club at our school, recognizes the imperative role of young learners in fostering positive change within the community. Social service is not just a responsibility but a learning experience that instils compassion and empathy. The club engages all its fifteen members in various impactful initiatives, reflecting the commitment to make a difference.

One of the club’s projects involves preparing paper packets for distribution in local medical stores. This initiative not only promotes environmental sustainability through recycling but also addresses the practical needs of the community. The club members actively participate in this activity, showcasing a hands-on approach to community service.

In addition, the club dedicates quality time to the Air Charitable Home, providing support to elderly individuals who have been neglected or discarded by their families. This initiative not only offers companionship but also serves as a testament to the club’s commitment to uplifting the lives of the less fortunate.


“We Care” ensures that its members remain well-informed about various social issues and initiatives nationwide. Through the regular viewing and analysis of documentaries, the club members gain insight into diverse social works happening across India. This knowledge enhances their understanding of the broader social landscape, encouraging them to contribute meaningfully to societal well-being. Overall, “We Care” is a platform that empowers young learners to become compassionate and socially responsible citizens.

Robotics and Aero-modelling Club

The Robotics and Aero-modelling club was started during the academic session 2013-14, with the idea of creating a spark in young minds who were interested in carving a career in the area of aviation and artificial intelligence.

During the current academic year, 28 students from class five to eight enrolled in this club, at the beginner’s level. The club activity is executed under the observation and guidance from experienced trainers from ‘Hobby Master’. At the beginner’s level, students were trained to construct wooden planes. They were also taught the technical terms used in aviation, and the functions of different parts of the planes that were constructed by the students. The students were also trained to construct various detectors using basic electronic components. Hobby Fest is an annual event conducted by the Hobby Master and the students from SBA actively take part in the various competitions organised in this fest.

MUN Club

The Model United Nations (MUN) Club at Sarala Birla Academy (SBA) is an active and dynamic platform that immerses students in global affairs, diplomacy, and critical thinking. Founded with the aim of fostering leadership skills and a deeper understanding of international issues, the MUN Club serves as a breeding ground for future diplomats and leaders.

The primary objectives of the Model United Nations Club are to provide students with a practical understanding of international relations, politics, and diplomacy and to cultivate leadership qualities, public speaking skills, negotiation abilities, and teamwork among participants. MUN enhances students’ knowledge of global issues, encouraging them to think critically and propose feasible solutions and also improves research, analytical, and debating skills in a simulated diplomatic setting.

The Model United Nations Club currently comprises 37 enthusiastic and dedicated members across various grades. These students actively participate in debates, research, and simulations related to different national and international affairs.

Throughout the academic year, the MUN Club has organized various activities, including:

Regular simulated UN sessions focusing on diverse global issues.

Participation in inter-house and inter-school MUN conferences and debates, showcasing exemplary performance and winning accolades.

Model UN stands as an essential training ground for future leaders. SBA’s Inter-House Model United Nations conference not only exemplified this but also showcased a commitment to shaping global change through diplomacy.

The IH-MUN, held on 24th and 25th June 2023, etched a memorable chapter in our school’s history. Competitors from various grades engaged in spirited competition, not merely for their respective Houses but also for personal growth. Delegates displayed their talents, intellect, and diplomatic acumen through passionate debates on critical global issues.

The IH-MUN comprised several committees, each addressing pressing global matters:United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW), chaired by Miss Sania Philip, focused on gender equality and women’s empowerment, emphasizing sexual and menstrual rights.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), chaired by Master Vibhav, addressed drug trafficking in the Indian Ocean and SEA Regions, aiming to strategize effective countermeasures.

Historic Security Council, chaired by Master Gunav, explored the Korean War of 1950, delving into geopolitical tensions and consequences arising from North Korea’s invasion of South Korea.

This report delves into the detailed discussions and resolutions presented by our talented delegates in each committee, underscoring their commitment to global change.

Chess club

Chess is a game of mind and talent and it’s truly a sport for all. Playing chess is a great way to enhance your mental capabilities. Chess club is one of the most active clubs of the S.U.P.W clubs at Sarala Birla Academy where every Friday afternoon and on Saturdays, the student members of the Chess Club along with the teachers-in-charge have informal chess training sessions.

Students are equipped with basic skills and strategies for playing at an international level. Students who have achieved the required standards are encouraged to participate in chess competitions at inter-school and community level. Basic rules and regulations of the game are taught to those students who have had no previous experience of chess.

Through playing chess, students are able to cultivate a hobby which stimulates the mind towards proactive and rational thinking, encourages decision making skills given the challenging environment, and also inspires self-discipline since it’s time-bound in nature. The Chess club at SBA comprises of approximately 30 students from grade V to XII and one professional coach. Out of the 30 students, half of them are beginners, learning the basic tactics and techniques of the game.

Literary and Dramatic Club

Dramatics and Literary Club in Sarala Birla Academy is a vibrant club that provides students with opportunities to explore and celebrate the world of literature and performing arts, fostering a love for reading, writing, and critical thinking. This club serves as creative hub where our students can immerse themselves in the realms of drama, literature, and storytelling. The combination of dramatics and literary elements creates a holistic space for students to express themselves, develop their communication skills, and collaborate on various artistic endeavors.

In this club, students often engage in a range of activities, including script reading, play rehearsals, improvisation exercises, literary discussions, poetry readings, writing workshops, and literary analysis sessions. Sometimes the students collaborate on creative writing projects, participate in debates, or organize events such as visits of authors or literary competitions. Students work together to stage theatrical productions, organize storytelling events, or participate in drama competitions. This collaborative and expressive environment allows students to not only enhance their understanding of literature but also to develop their acting, directing, and production skills. This club encourages a sense of community among like-minded individuals and promotes teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

This year, the club consisted of 5 teachers and 23 students, who have put their heart and soul in completing the tasks. Their work has been commendable. One of the brilliant activity performed was Share a story, which has been a huge success. The students in this club do not believe in receiving medals and certificates as a symbol of their achievements. They believe, their achievements are what we invest and the results we get are greater than any trophy given. One of the poems of our student Ruwaan Arora got published in Times NIE. The productivity doesn’t end here, as it also contributes to a bigger platform, that is academics.

In conclusion, literary club plays a significant role in the intellectual and personal development of students, fostering a lifelong appreciation for literature and providing a supportive community for those who share similar interests. 

Moreover, SBA achieved a remarkable feat by securing four awards at DSMUN 2023, including the prestigious “Best Delegate” awards.

Cabinet of Mikhail Gorbachev – Best Delegate – Master Utkarsh Bagaria
Indo-Pak Commission – Special mention –  Master Arnnav Deva
IMF – Special mention – Master Vikramadity Shukla
Emergency Response Cabinet – Special mention – Master Yog Sinojia

Additionally, twenty-seven students from Grades 7 to 12 recently participated in the Sharanya Narayani International School Model United Nations 2023, held on 22nd and 23rd September. Our students’ exceptional performance brought eight awards for the school:

Yog Sinojiya – Outstanding Delegate

Vatsal Patel – Commendable Delegate

Mridul Agarwal – Special Mention

Om Kishan – Special Mention

Arnnav Maheshwari – Special Mention

Vikramadity Shukla – Special Mention

Aarush Aagarwal – Special Mention

Manthan Pujara – Special Mention

These achievements epitomize our students’ dedication, passion for diplomacy, and commitment to shaping a positively impactful global future.

The Model United Nations Club at Sarala Birla Academy (SBA) has become a hub of intellectual discourse and constructive debates. It remains committed to nurturing young minds, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to become future global leaders.


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