Boarding Houses

We have four boarding houses — Aditya, Bhaskar, Martand and Vivasvan. A group of 100 boys is placed under the charge of a housemaster. Our spacious and comfortable rooms accommodate between four and six boys in each room. Every room has an attached bathroom. An Assistant Housemaster, a Housemother and 2 resident teachers assists the Housemaster in pastoral care. A housekeeper coordinates with each of the resident staff for the smooth functioning of all the houses.

Each house contains two student common rooms with comfortable lounge furniture, television, table tennis tables, and indoor games facilities. All the students complete their studies in study halls – large rooms in the boarding houses designed to provide each student with ample study space and storage areas for books and projects. The study hall is supervised by the teaching faculty; other faculty members often visit to assist students with specific projects or homework tasks.

The principal and the entire teaching staff reside on the campus to ensure their easy availability to the child at all times.


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