Rules and Regulations

Dress Code

Students are required to wear the school uniform during school hours and be attired appropriate to the activity they are involved in.

Pocket Money

Our students are not permitted to keep or handle cash. The pocket money should be deposited with the school bursar by the parents. He will be responsible for giving out coupons to the boys as and when they need.

All expenses will be debited to their personal account, which will be maintained by the school's accounts office. We do not encourage tuck from home. We provide an excellent tuck shop from where your child can buy snacks.


To ensure the security of your child, we would like you to give us a list of names of persons, their relationship, contact numbers, along with their photographs, who are permitted to visit him at school. Parents outside of our country need to provide the complete details of the child's local guardian.

Once a term, the school has a teacher- escorted outing for the students, for which the days are specified on the calendar. There is also the scope for a special leave of up to 3 days once an academic year for any special family engagement. However the parents need to inform the housemaster in advance and get his approval.

Communication With Parents

We put a great deal of thrust on being in regular contact with you as a parent. Our principal, CFO, academic coordinator, housemasters and teachers are always accessible. All of us here at school will be happy to brief you on your child's progress in every way. You can contact us directly through e-mails or over the telephone.

The parents will be kept fully posted at the end of each assessment on how your child has fared on the academic, extra-curricular and values front. This formal report will be distributed in each term and has to be signed by you and returned to us.

The students can make use of the internet facilities every week to communicate with the parents and can also call their parents using telephonic facilities available in school.


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