Science Laboratories

The Science Department of SBA has three well equipped laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories cater to various requirements of the three curricula followed at SBA. Regular maintenance and modernisation of laboratories is carried out by the staff of the department. Students are given the opportunity to perform the experiments prescribed in the syllabi and to also carry out different projects under the supervision and guidance of their teachers. New and latest equipment, chemicals and reagents are procured from time to time to meet the academic standard set by various Boards and Councils. Various workshops are also conducted in these laboratories in order to give first-hand experience to the students and to make the concepts of Science lucid to them.

Occasionally, children are taken to the field which is more of a garden inside the campus to make them closely view the plant kingdom in rich surroundings. The concepts of Physics are made interesting and coherent by taking them to places like the Generator Room, EPABX, Pump Room and STP. They gain knowledge of the functioning of various machines by observing them directly when they are operational.

The stress is on skill development by making children execute different practical assignments so as to make them learn by actually getting involved in the process.

Computer Laboratories

There are two computer labs with 25 to 30 computers in each. Students use computers for their research work and for the purpose of communication with their family.


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