SBA Music Fest

The cultural highlight of the school calendar, the inter house music fest began on the afternoon of the 25th of November, 2016 and ended on the evening of 26th November, 2016. With close to 200 students directly participating in the event, it was undoubtedly the biggest inter house event of the year. The fest began with the lighting of the lamp followed by the introduction of the judges, after which the events began.

There were 14 events in total, seven slated for each day. The first event of the fest was the Table Solo followed by events such as the Solo Singing Indian for seniors and Solo Singing Western for juniors, the Piano, Guitar, and Harmonium Solos. The programme finally concluded with the biggest event in terms of participants, the Choir, which was based on the theme of Bhojpuri culture.

Day 2 started with a bang courtesy the Solo Singing Western for seniors, which was followed by instrumental events like the Violin, Drums and Sitar. The Grand Finale of the Music Fest, the inter-house dance competition, was the most anticipated event. The Houses tried their best to follow the genre selected — ‘Hip-Hop’ with various themes being displayed.

The event came to its culmination as always with the declaration of results. While Bhaskar House dominated, and won first place, Aditya House narrowly came up second while Martand House and Vivasvan House were tied at third place. It was great to note that the participants seemed to enjoy themselves in the mere act of performing rather than caring excessively about the results of the competition. Music is after all an art, and having fun in creating and performing art is much more important than winning a metal cup. Furthermore, the most beautiful aspect of this year’s Music Fest aside from the talent and musical genius was the camaraderie shown by the participants. Hopefully the bonds of friendship and solidarity that were created during the competition will always triumph over excessive competition, for after all, it is friendship that lives on and matters in the long run.


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