Inter-House Sports

IH Athletics Meet

The students at SBA displayed their athletic capabilities as they competed against each other in the annual Inter-House Athletics Meet, held on September 28 to 30, 2023. Athletic events ranging from relays to high jumps across age groups, under 14, under 16 and above 16, let all participants exhibit their athletic skills in abundance during the meet.

 The Athletic Meet commenced with the School Sports Captain taking an oath in front of all participants representing their respective houses, holding the House Flags high in the sky. After a few wise words from our Sports Captain, the meet ensued with a surge of enthusiasm and determination, setting the tone for an occasion filled with remarkable display of athletic prowess and friendly rivalry.

 The team events such as relay races and tug of war displayed the collective energy, skill and strength of each house. Teamwork and mutual collaboration between the participants were major factors contributing to success. On the other hand, the individual events, such as the shot put, javelin throw, and discus throw, set a distinct challenge to each contestant, demanding raw strength and precision. Track events which included sprints and even a walking race, showcased the personal speed and stamina of the star athletes who participated in them. In the field events like high jump, hurdles, and long jump, the students participated with such intensity that a long standing School record was broken. 

The SBA Inter-House Athletics Meet was more than just a competition, it was a celebration of the talent and exhibition of unity in our school. The energetic start, exciting events, and victorious moments made it a memorable meet for everyone. The event truly embodied sportsmanship, friendship, and the joy of healthy competition, leaving a lasting impression on our school bonding and spirits.

IH Basketball

The Inter-House Basketball tournament at the SBA was held on December 07- 09.2023. All four houses of the School, namely, Aditya, Vivasvan, Bhaskar, and Martand participated with vigour, fighting tooth and nail to secure the pinnacle position in the contest. Sports not only build character but also reveal it. It is a matter of pride for all of us at SBA that   all our players played with integrity and honesty, often giving the opponents what was due to them.

During three spirited days, the tournament created an electrifying atmosphere filled with cheers and applause as each house competed to the best of its sporting acumen and ability. 

In the seniors’ division, Martand House emerged champions, displaying not only remarkable basketball finesse but also strategic brilliance. The seniors’ victory set the stage for the Martand Juniors to emulate their success, and playing equally efficiently, they also secured the top slot in the tournament.


Martand House’s exceptional performance not only celebrated their athletic prowess but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among students. Congratulations to Martand House for their outstanding performance and resultant victory in both the categories, solidifying their reputation as a powerhouse in school sports.

IH Football

“The most valuable player is the one who makes the most players valuable.”

On September 21, 2023, just after we had finished with our Half Yearly Examinations, commenced the SBA Inter-House Football tournament. It not only rejuvenated the entire student population in the School but also brought smiles back to those who thought their academic acumen might have done them down. The participation and contribution, both by the players and the spectators, was wholesome and enthralling.

Earth quaking cheers filled the air as spectators shouted in anticipation, hoping their respective houses to score the winning goal while the players sweated it out on the field. A number of remarkable sporting feats were achieved in the field, shooting the ball past the goal keeper from the half line or the goal keeper blocking the hard hit penalty kick, to name just a few. The effect that a game of football can have on the players and the spectators is so mesmerising that it is difficult to describe in words, it can only be experienced in person, both by the players on the field and the spectators watching the game.  Rarest of rare qualities of character, sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork uniquely blend with enthusiasm, fervour and will to outdo each other, producing an atmosphere that is electrifying to say the least!!

That each house toiled, both on and off the field, travailing to the limits of human endeavour, as they put in all they had, making each victory a memory to cherish forever and the defeat to learn from. The denouement was in line with the endeavour, it saw both Aditya and Vivasvan houses tied at the 3rd place, while Martand House secured the 2nd position with Bhaskar House outshining all and securing the coveted Inter-House Football trophy for the year 2023.

IH Swimming

The SBA Inter-House Swimming competition was held at the School Swimming Pool. It was a fun and frolic laden sporting extravaganza that kept the participants sweating in the pool and the spectators enjoying outside of it.  Swimmers of all grades performed admirably and won accolades for their respective houses.

The Swimming competition was conducted into two categories, as hitherto fore: The juniors and the seniors. Vivasvan House swimmers outdid all others and won the swimming championship in both the Junior and Senior Categories.

IH Table Tennis

Inter-House competitions are an integral part of our life in SBA. They foster a sense of camaraderie, healthy competition, and school spirit. The SBA Inter-House Table Tennis tournament was no exception to fostering the emotions expressed above. 

All the four houses, Martand, Aditya, Vivasvan, and Bhaskar, fought fiercely for the coveted championship Trophy. Aditya House emerged a dominant force, with their players exhibiting exceptional prowess, skill and stamina on the table. Ably and dynamically led by their talented table tennis enthusiasts, the Aditya house emerged victorious and won the trophy.

Other Houses also displayed commendable sportsmanship and skill, contributing to the overall success of the tournament.


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