Round Square – Utopia

Round square (RS) is a not for profit membership network, registered as a charity and is governed by a Board under the Presidency of His Majesty King Constantine. Member schools share a holistic approach to learning built around six ideals of learning — international understanding, democracy, environmental awareness, adventure, leadership and service. The Round Square community is on a mission to appoint a body of champions whose life stories and achievements will provide a source of inspiration to member students around the world, building their understanding of the Round Square ideals. Round Square network is a framework for continuous improvement, along with opportunities to collaborate and share experiences with like-minded peers around the world.

“UTOPIA – NOT JUST A DREAM” was the theme of this year’s RS conference. The stimulating discussion in the conference centred round the concept of ‘Utopia’ which means a perfect world. The assembled groups brainstormed about what Utopia meant to each individual. Various concepts of a ‘perfect world’ — a world with ‘perfect equality’, ‘lack of bias, prejudice and discrimination’ and ‘availability of education for each individual’ — were put forward. The group members also discussed whether or not “Utopia” is a dream, the response to which was a mixed one. The groups also deliberated upon ways to achieve ‘utopia’ — most of the delegates agreed to ‘education’ being the most potent tool. Almost all delegates agreed upon the fact that they have the power to bring about a positive change to lead this world towards utopia.

The delegates also participated enthusiastically in fun-filled activities including tattoo making, Zumba dancing and playing the treasure hunt. There were also workshops in French, Spanish, German, Sanskrit and Kannada.

The conference was filled with mirth, enjoyment, laughter, entertainment, and learning for all the delegates. It was an event which the delegates were sure to cherish and remember for more reasons than one.


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