SBA Conference 2023

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren G. Bennis

Leaders are more than just mouthpieces for common principles; they are raised above the ordinary and give voice to the language of global brotherhood. The Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam was transparent at the SBA-hosted Conference 2023 inspired by Round Square ideals, where a common spirit was guaranteed to breathe alongside the fundamentals of leadership.

A conference inspired by IDEALS of Round Square of learning -International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service. The conference modeled minds, but more than that, it defined characters. “Inspiring, Igniting, Empowering Minds…To Be First Among Equals” The theme of this year’s SBA conference was filled with international talks in Barraza sessions, a hilarious ice-breaking session, a magnificent principal’s dinner, and the JAM night. Followed by other activities included an art workshop, an outbound program, Karnataka folk dances, and a theater workshop.

On the first day, young leaders traveled across the country. After Caesar’s feast, the students of the visiting schools started by innovating special handshakes and making new pals. The second day started with a morning school tour and bird-watching. At nine-thirty, we officially initiated the conference with the Opening Ceremony, and the theme was guided by the Key-Note Speaker Mr. Pankaj Rai, the group data analytics officer of Aditya Birla Group. The Barraza session where our leaders explored Leadership in Justice for Equality at Elysée Palace, Leadership in Sciences for Development at Zhongnanhai, Beijing, Leadership in Education for Guidance at The White House, Leadership in Politics for Empowerment at The Kremlin, Leadership in Ethics for Social Responsibility at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Leadership in Business for Collective Welfare at 10 Downing Street, Leadership in Entertainment for Inspiration at The Lodge and Leadership in Climate Activism for Sustainability at Golden Jubilee House. A leader must have creativity, characterized by the ability to perceive the world in new ways and to generate solutions to seemingly unrelated phenomena. This is exactly what was done by our delegates in the art activity – “SLEIGHT OF HAND”. Delegates dived into the world of mosaic painting and the brilliance of Tie-N-Dye prints. Delegates even sparked conversations and created memories for life in just 15 minutes of tea breaks. The night ended with our school rock band’s terrific performance and all the social butterflies started to vibe at electrifying beats. The prop team did stunning decor to make it groovy and a real delight.

The third day was no less as it started with “NATURE’S FOOTPRINTS”, tracking in the nearby cliff to watch an immaculate sunrise. Taking in the sun, delegates engaged in the “OUTBOUND PROGRAM”, filled with Leadership and team-building activities like “pipe and marbles”, “cup stacking” and more. A few moments frolicking around also taught us to be ourselves with being young leaders. At dusk, the principal’s dinner was made equally vivid with the startling decorations made by the prop team. The principal’s dinner commenced with the Karnataka folk dance – “Yakshagana”, followed by a performance, which caught everyone by surprise, and the showstopper, THE FLASH MOB, which caught a promising audience tapping their feet. The day ultimately ended with a scrumptious meal to fill our empty stomachs after the long day and dancing the night away.

The fourth day began with an early Zumba session and a refreshing breakfast. After socializing all the delegates enjoyed the Theater Workshop. Learning new ways, the change thoughts and perspectives or leading through artistic means can be an influential leadership skill. As we know, violence isn’t always the answer, and it turns out to be factual. The afternoon closing ceremony featured cultural performances, Bangalore International School, Daly college, Emerald High International School, HIM Academy, Pathways World School, Pinegrove International School, Punjab Public School, Trivandrum International School and Sarala Birla Academy. The moment the delegates least hoped for, the parting ceremony was the last event of the day. Everyone in their finest outfits took photos, capturing the memories to hold on forever. The closing ceremony got some of the delegates in tears due to the bond they had now created with the other delegates or rather friends. The delegates bid goodbyes with promises, but significantly with companionship and lessons to hold on for life and fuel their leadership expeditions.

The different activities mirrored the huge preserve the young delegates carried within themselves. From higher reflections to technological advancements, from knack for information to penchant for entertainment, from embracing coexistence to protecting individuality, nothing among these aimed for validation, it was rather a self-assurance that the young leaders held with pronounced conviction. More than making an impact, it’s the honest involvement that leads to roads never journeyed before. Somewhere at the bend of the new road, the ones who are the first among the equals shall always find things that disappear in conversation with things that appear. It’s the choice of a good leader that draws a line at such a pass to set out for higher goals, scale higher summits and reach the way of the heart. That’s how the vision of an individual becomes a living dream. In the words of Ayn Rand, “Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision.” The very participation of the young delegates in Sarala Birla Academy Conference inspired by RS-IDEALS is an evidence to this statement.


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