Inter-house Digital Art and Multimedia Competition

Sarala Birla Academy believes in growth of every aspect of life and acknowledges the importance of new technology. The Inter – House Digital Art and Multimedia competition which was conducted in our school on 25th November, 2023 was a perfect example of the academy’s ethos. The topic for Digital art and Multimedia was based on an emerging skill in this dynamic world, “How does storytelling influences marketing in today’s generation?” Students of grade 5 to 8 were eligible to participate and 4 participants represented their house on the day of competition. All students came up with innovative and creative ideas, but none of the house could transient against Vivasvan House.

The competition ended and Vivasvan house enjoyed it to the fullest. Simultaneously, the Inter – House Multimedia was accentuating for the day. Students of grade 9 to 12 were eligible to participate. All the houses came up with an astute presentation with a blend of local and international touch. The inter-house multimedia was a perfect example of communicating one’s ideas not only by explaining vocally but also by using appropriate technology which included presentation, videos, images and voiceovers. All the participants were mellifluous in their presentation, and the event came out to be a splendid success. However, the special touch in Aditya House’s presentation and candid speakers made their house feel proud and the house celebrated their victory for this event. A very special thanks to Mr. Vinish Vincent, Mr. Maneesh Dhulekar, Mrs. Sreeja K. for conducting the Inter – House Digital Art Competition.


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