Inter-house quiz

“In a quizzing, every question is an opportunity to learn something new.”

The Quiz Club within the academy serves as a vital platform for students to enrich their knowledge, critical thinking, and teamwork skills through various activities and competitions. The emphasis on a diverse range of topics, including academics, general knowledge, analytical abilities, and quantitative reasoning, reflects a comprehensive approach to education.

Quiz club presently has a strength of 26 students who are guided by a group of 5 teachers.

We encourage and conduct periodic quizzes on specific topics among club members. Students are divided into groups across different grades each group hosts a quiz weekly, giving students firsthand experience in organizing, hosting, and scoring quizzes.Questions designed to encourage critical thinking and in-depth study, fostering creative learning. These activities help enhance knowledge beyond the curriculum, nurturing critical thinking , analytical skills and bridges the gap between academic learning and practical application thereby preparing students for real-world challenges.

The club provides students with opportunities to participate in inter-house and inter-school quizzes, showcasing their knowledge and winning accolades. The club members successfully organized the Inter House event General Quiz – Master Mind 2023.

Club members participated and won accolades in many prestigious inter-school quizzes like KISA Utsav – 2022, KISA Talent Search Examination, Compudon India, and NDA WizQuiz.

Overall, the Quiz Club stands as a valuable and dynamic platform, not only enriching students’ knowledge but also shaping them into well-rounded individuals capable of excelling in various fields. The emphasis on values such as knowledge, wisdom, and compassion further contributes to the holistic development of the participating students.

“The true measure of intelligence is not how much you know but how well you can apply that knowledge.”


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