Inter-house Model United Nations

“You may be playing a role, but you are also preparing for life. You are acting as global citizens.”

The Inter-House MUN this year was an enthralling calamity (overt directive) that took the student and teachers of SBA by storm. With renowned MUNers coming to campus as Chairs, guaranteed the event as a blockbuster. It finally commenced on 24th July. With their spirits high and their weeks’ worth of research under their belts, the delegates hurried over to their committees, prepared to take on any obstacle that was thrown at them. The committees comprised of UNSC (United Nations Security Council), UNGA (United Nations General Assembly), UNCSW(United Nations Commission on the Status of Women) and UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). Committees moved forward with the ultimate objective of resolving their agendas. Discussions started over the moderated and unmoderated caucuses and directives started flying left, right and centre with unfaltering crisis updates that changed the flow of the session.

The delegates gave speeches, formed alliances and created enmities with others, all of them committed to the same race and the common goal of getting their hands on the Best Delegate award. Spirits were high as the committees proceeded to the next day. The verbal wars waged on, its intensity growing by the minute. The weekend this event took place in, had gripped the entire school on the edge of their seats. With the event in its closing ceremony, the winners were announced, with Martand House appearing victorious. The competition this year was phenomenal, which can be said as Vivasvan House bagged the second prize behind only 0.99 points. With all the gears in place the event was called off as a significant accomplishment.


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