Annual Tour-n-Trek to Bhutan

The Annual School trip to Bhutan, consisting of 49 students of grade IX and 4 teachers, took place from 7th to 14th October,2023. The journey offered a unique amalgam of cultural immersion, natural exploration, and educational enrichment. This report stands as a testimony of those activities and the unique experience.

The trip commenced with great excitement as we gathered at our school and arrived at Bagdogra Airport 7:30 am. A warm welcome awaited us from the Tour Operator and the Guide. The journey to Phuentsholing was a scenic drive through the Indian plains. The 171-kilometer route provided breath-taking views of lush greenery and rolling landscapes. Upon arrival at Phuentsholing, our guide greeted us with the traditional “Tashi Khadar” ceremony, offering white scarves as a symbol of good luck and welcome. We checked into the designated hotel, ensuring all students and teachers were comfortably settled. On the next morning, permits were processed before embarking on the drive to Thimphu. Along the way, we visited Kharbandi Goemba, enjoying the transition from plains to foothills of the Himalayan valleys. After the long travel on mountain roads, on arrival at Thimphu, the students relaxed in the hotel and had a sumptuous dinner. The city of Thimpu has unique distinction as it is the only capital city in the world without traffic lights. En route to Paro, we stopped at Tamchog Lhakhang to experience the suspended iron chain bridge and the soothing river breeze. In the afternoon, the students visited Paro Rimpung Dzong and Ta Dzong, which is now converted into a national museum. The evening was free to indulge in leisure activities, trying on national dress, and shopping in Paro town. On the next morning, the hike to Taktsang Monastery, an awe-inspiring spiritual site perched at an altitude of 3100 m, was a lifetime experience. This was a perfect blend of hardship, enjoyment and spirituality. In the evening, the students witnessed the magnificent folk tradition of Bhutan in a vibrant and engaging cultural extravaganza.

The basic aim and objective of the programme was to make children aware of Bhutan’s rich cultural tapestry. This was also aimed to inculcate tolerance and acceptance of social, cultural and political differences. While visiting the mountainous terrain, students got an opportunity to learn and respect the climate with necessary precautions. The Age old system of Monarchy speaks volume about the royal legacy and the glorious history of Bhutan. The Visit to each monastery was accompanied by a rich history of administrative profile, culture and religion. The women empowered local markets were a glimpse of the business strategies. The supermarkets sold textile-products from countries like Bangladesh, which showcased their awareness about the contemporary world market.

The visit to all the monasteries was a great learning experience to be respectful, accepting and tolerant about cultural and religious differences. Visit to Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) was a life-time experience to come out of the comfort zone and conquer the unknown. The entire tenure of the trek was an outstanding lesson to instil never-give-up attitude among young generations.

A number of noticeable facts of this trip are as follows:

  • The benevolent nature of Monarchy and the respect of common people for the king.
  • The traditional architectural style in construction and its display throughout the country.
  • The Happiness Index and the overall wellbeing of the common citizens of the country 
  • 70% of forest cover of the total land area, leading the country to be the carbon negative.
  • Simple and Hardworking life of the mountain people.

The students got a great opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal skills by helping each other both physically and emotionally. Students honed the hiking skills while visiting Tiger’s nest. The trekking through a substantially difficult terrain eventually instilled a great skill of practicing perseverance and concentration.

The school trip to Bhutan was an incredible journey filled with cultural experiences, natural wonders, and educational insights. The students and teachers returned enriched by the beauty and traditions of Bhutan.


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