Andaman 2018

Grade XII Report on Tours and treks 2018-19

Bangalore – Port Blair – Have Lock –Baratang – Port Blair – Bangalore

In the academic year 2018-19, boys from grade 12 were provided the opportunity to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Fifty five students from grade 12, accompanied by seven teacher escorts went to the eastern islands situated in the Bay of Bengal and enjoyed the scenic beauty, to create beautiful memories.

Day 1 ( 03 October 2018): We boarded a flight to Port Blair. There was no delay in transit to the Sun City resort which is located on the outskirts of the capital town. We reached the resort in the evening. As Andaman islands are located in a different time zone (GMT +6.30), even at 5 pm, it was like 6.15 pm on the main land. We checked into our rooms and after light snacks, the tour operator Mr. Roshan Pinto, took us for the light and sound show at the famous cellular jail, located in the heart of Port Blair. After the show, we returned to the resort for dinner and rest.

Learning outcome: Students received knowledge about the cellular jail and its connection to the Indian freedom struggle.

Day2 (04 Oct):On the second day, after breakfast, we checked out of the hotel and went for a city tour. After lunch at a restaurant adjacent to the harbour, we boarded the air-conditioned cruise ship at 1.30 pm and within two hours, reached Havelock island. We checked into a resort and retired for the day after dinner.

Learning outcome: The students experienced the beauty of the sea with seagulls and flying fish passing by. The sights and sounds of the island as well as the humid weather was quite an experience. The boys also got acquainted with navigation techniques by visiting the captain’s cabin.

Day 3 (05 Oct): We got up early, collected our packed breakfast, and went to the beach. The boys and teachers enjoyed snorkelling, banana boat rides, and swimming in the sea. In Havelock island, we experienced the most enjoyable moments.

Learning outcome: The students experienced the deep-sea beauty of the bay. They witnessed various species of fish and other creatures. They got acquainted with the safety instructions given by professional divers.

Day 4 (06 Oct): We visited various beaches in Havelock. The best beach was Radhanagar beach which is, no doubt, supposed to be the cleanest beach in India. We spent ample time on this beach. After lunch, we went on a short voyage to Port Blair.

Day 5 (07 Oct): Early in the morning, we left for Baratang Island. We travelled in a convoy piloted by forest department jeeps. We had to travel through a deep jungle where we could see the aborigines of the Andaman Islands. At Baratang Island, we saw limestone caves and a mud volcano. We enjoyed the boat ride through the mangrove forest and reached the resort at Port Blair at night.

Learning outcome: Limestone caves were a wonderful sight and have archaeological and historical significance. The mud volcano we saw was the second mud volcano in the world. The aborigines look like Africans which convinced us that once upon a time all the continents were inter-connected.

Day 6(08 Oct): In the morning, we went to the cellular jail once again. We visited all the places inside the jail. A photo exhibition depicted Ross Island, which was the administrative area during the British rule. Although in a ruined condition today, Ross Island looked beautiful in the photographs.

Learning outcome: This visit surely enlightened us about many aspects of the British rule.

Day 7 (09 Oct): We had planned to visit a neighbouring island on our way to the airport but lack of time prevented us from fulfilling our wish. We had an early lunch and proceeded towards the airport. From the airport, 19 of our colleagues departed to their home destination while the remaining boys reached the school campus.


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