Shimla, Chandigarh Trip


SBA organised a four day trip to Shimla and Chandigarh for the students as a part of the tours and treks programme.

During the trip, students visited important places like the Indian Institute of Advanced Study and Army Museum where they got to appreciate the evolution of weapons used in warfare and the role played by the army in safeguarding the borders of our country. The students also went for short treks in jungles where they spotted rare orchids, blue-green algae, and some poisonous and wood-decaying fungus. They also participated actively in physical activities like zip lining, Burma Bridge crossing, and tyre climbing and rope activities.

Shopping at the famous Mall road was also a part of the itinerary which the students enjoyed thoroughly. The rock gardens in Chandigarh were a place where the students marvelled at the creativity of using broken tiles and bangles to create murals and structures. On the way to Chandigarh, the students also visited Shish Mahal, the palace of the erstwhile governor, Faujdhar khan, appointed by Emperor Farooque Siyar, the great grandson of Aurangzeb.

It was an exciting and refreshing trip for the students who not only enjoyed it, but took back memories to cherish forever.


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