Outdoor Leadership Programme – Dayara Bugyal – Trek

The students of Sarala Birla Academy embarked on an Outdoor Leadership Programme involving Trekking to Dayara Bugyal from 31st March to 7th of April. A total of 85 students and 10 teachers were part of the trek. 

This Outdoor Leadership Program was one of its kind and was not luxurious. The students were subjected to lots of challenges to put them out of their comfort zone. However, the facilities including stay and food was good. 

One instance of learning was to know how to pitch the tents, use of dry toilets, taking care of utensils for having meals, etc. To watch the night sky in Gui was organized in the cradle of nature and all participated with great enthusiasm. It was a good interactive session.

Another instance was the feedback session for the students at the base camp towards the end of the trek. The students were divided into groups and were asked to come up with a skit, it was very much of an impromptu session. The students did a great job! The most striking thing was how the boys enacted on stage rewinding the difficulties, fun, comradery, guiding the juniors, respecting nature without littering, etc.

The organizing team “India Hikes” applauded the school team for being motivating, cooperative and well-mannered throughout the trek.


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