Leh – Ladakh Tour and Trek Report

“The greatest discovery in life is self-discovery. Until you find yourself you will always be someone else. Become yourself.” -Myles Munroe- 

Often we go out and be with nature just in an attempt to discover ourselves and the same motive took us to charter the less travelled terrain of Leh and Ladakh. A total of fifty-three students of grade XII and accompanied by six teachers on the journey on the 7th Of October 2023.

From Bangalore International airport, the team was divided into two groups before heading towards Delhi. But the entire team travelled together on the same flight from Delhi to Leh. Every member of the team was mentally prepared to face the extreme weather and climatic conditions on that exciting sojourn. The team reached hotel Rafiqa by 8:30 in the morning and the major part of the day was used in taking a rest. The itinerary was kept light and acclimatizing with the new environment. In the late afternoon, the team was taken to the Shanti Stup.

The primary aim of the program was to provide learning through direct involvement rather than passive information. The learning experience encompasses Geography, History, Architecture and Adventure. The objective was to inculcate a sense of awareness and learning about local Ladakh habits & customs of Leh Ladakh.

Next destination was Ladakh which is a cold desert of India. It lies in the Great Himalayas, on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir. It has the Karakoram Range in the north and the Zanskar mountains in the south. 

The visit to Pangong lake and Nubra valley was fun-filled and exhilarating. There was a short stopover at Chang La pass, so students had the opportunity to experience fresh snowfall.

Another short stopover at Khardung La pass, which is famously known as the gateway to the Nubra and Shyok valleys, is the highest motorable pass.

The climate was cold and dry, with scanty precipitation that falls mainly as snow in winter. The flora and fauna of Ladakh are highly evolved to survive in harsh climatic conditions.

The students had the unique experiences of witnessing snowfall, enjoying a double-humped camel ride, a short hiking and ATV ride in the picturesque cold desert of Nubra Valley. The knowledge gained during geography lessons came live as there was so much to soak in. The views from the top were simply breath-taking, with panoramic views of the entire Ladakh region and the surrounding Himalayan peaks, beautiful gorges and narrow valleys and the rich culture and traditions of the Ladakhi people. There was a lot to learn and experience even from the van drivers who showed extreme example of focus and determination to take us through the tough terrain. 

The diverse activities; from group visits to different locations and sites to the exploration of nature, enhanced students’ communication, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Through the various activities like cycling, ATV rides, camel rides, social interaction, indoor and outdoor games, students have gained their ability to observe and analyse the physical features, environmental conditions, ecosystem, human adaptation, regional identity and disparities. 

In conclusion, the Leh-Ladakh trek programme was not just about conquering peaks; it was an opportunity to immerse into a world of natural beauty and unique cultural experiences. It was a journey that challenged the body and nourished the soul with indelible memories of this extraordinary part of the world. The Leh-Ladakh trek provided a multifaceted educational experience, blending adventure, history, geography and ecology to create lasting impressions on the students’ academic and personal development.


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